Rocket Fuel


Club Meliá has both the SECURITY and the FLEXIBILITY members crave for their vacations.

As a member of Club Meliá you immediately have access to our line of "Home Collection" resorts, which provides members with the security of a tangible real estate product. Currently there are 14 HOME Resorts or Club Meliá -- in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and Spain. These are resorts where luxury accommodations purchased by members based on a villa type and season are acknowledged.

Villa types range from Studio, 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedroom configurations and are unique to each resort. Each HOME Resort resides as part of a Club Meliá family and benefits from all of the hotels facilities, amenities and services, while still having individualized club services and facilities.

Once a member owns a particular villa type and season at one of our Home Collection Resorts, they can choose to go back to that resort year-after-after. However, through a unique system called the Club Meliá Network, members have an even greater array of flexibility available to them.

The Club Meliá network includes the following: