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How Membership works

Club Meliá membership is a vacation ownership program that is flexible, affordable and a convenient way for you and your family to experience not only our destinations but the world for now and years to come.

A membership with Club Meliá is unique because of our points system approach to ownership. We offer you a wide range of options that is based on the membership point plan (or Option) you purchase and backed by the unit type you purchase. As a member, you own a vacation product that offers the ultimate in flexibility.

Choose an Option Membership

Choose an Option (points) plan that is tailored to your vacation lifestyle. This is simple, your unit type interest in Club Meliá is represented by a specific allotment of Options (accommodation plus destination points). The larger your Options, the more days and larger accommodations you can enjoy. Each year, you receive a new allotment of Options. How you use the points is up to you. Think of it like having Meliá currency in a savings account just for you, year after year.

Once a member, Plan your Trip

Enjoy any of our home resorts, Meliá resorts or other destinations through our Club Meliá Network. Basically, choose the amount of vacation points based on unit type and travel destination. The number of vacations you can take in a year will be based on the allotment you have within the Option membership you purchased. Keep in mind that larger accommodations (unit types), certain destinations and season each play into the points needed for your stay. So the more you travel, the more points you will want to request when choosing an Option Membership.

Enjoy Vacations Year after Year, with Flexibility and Choice

As a member, you own a vacation product that offers the ultimate in flexibility. With Club Meliá Network, you can SAVE, BORROW, COMBINE, ACCELERATE or CONVERT/BANK your Options to create the vacation of your dreams. By planning ahead, you can use the flexibility of the Club Meliá Network to increase your buying power to incorporate additional locations, destinations and days. All of the above is key in providing the best option for travel and if you couldn't travel this year, don't worry, your Options rollover to the next year. And vice versa, if you need to travel some more this year; well go ahead and borrow from next.